The wanderers of Manila-Cavite coastal area

With sticks and stones, they wandered alone…

nestled between the waves of tomorrow and the winds of yesterday…

Sailing away from the city that barred them…

They stood once more and took what’s left to build life anew…

And, each day they’ll live with faces painted of what’s a smile and what’s a frown

Trapped between the waves of yesterday, and looking for the winds of tomorrow.


Victims of typhoon Gener

The following pictures were taken in Brgy. Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. I accompanied Kimberly in her legwork for an assignment in a journalism class. The victims were left homeless by typhoon Gener and were evacuated to a covered court nearby.

These three victims of the typhoon struck me the most. It amazes me how humans and animals can share moments of grief and moments of simple solace.

A human, a cat, a dog

Lunch time!

Sharing a meal

It may have rained cats and dogs but inside this covered court they temporarily called home, there was only the heat of companionship.

play and siesta

feline to canine massage

there’s a jealous dog nearby


Festival of Lights

Late post: La Union’s 1st Sillag Festival of Lights

Early morning when the shades were blue

Early morning when the shades were blue

Captured one early April during the UP Journalism Club’s Campus Journalism Workshop Summer Camp (CJWSC).  

Just another sunset at home

Just one of the reasons why I love my hometown

Never Let Her Slip Away

Never Let Her Slip Away

I rarely love songs but this one’s an exemption. I’ve always hated singing because i’ve always hated my voice but this is just one of those few songs that makes me think otherwise.